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TASER® Technology

TASER® conductive electronic weapons (CEWs) fire two barbed projectile darts connected by insulated conductive wire. Electrical current flows through the human body between the embedded dart electrodes. Unlike ordinary stunguns, it isn't the voltage or pain that incapacitates the subject. The current pulses at a rate timed to interrupt the human electro-muscular system causing motor reflexes to shut down and immobilize the subject. This proven technology overrides the central nervous system of the human body affecting both sensory and motor systems. Electro Muscular Disruption (EMD) and Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) is exclusive with TASER® weapons. Accredited sells only genuine TASER® Brand weapons.

TASER X26 Exploded View

Each cartridge will fire only once. If you have a second cartridge, you can reload quickly and fire again, or you can use it as an ordinary stun gun in "Drive Stun" mode. The Drive Stun method is much less effective and only to be used as an emergency backup technique. Drive it hard against the neck or against a muscle mass as you activate the trigger. You can do this even without removing the spent cartridge. The range is not determined by the weapon itself, but rather by the cartridge. Yellow-tipped 15-foot cartridges have the greatest spread, while law enforcement officers also have access to cartridges with ranges of 21' (silver) and 25' (green) in range. The TASER law enforcement models record the date, time and duration of each deployment. This feature helps protect law enforcement agencies from claims of excessive use-of-force.

The Shaped Pulse™ Technology in the TASER X26 uses a highly refined energy source that concentrates a small portion of energy to first penetrate the barrier while the majority of electrical charge is held in reserve, flowing freely through the barrier once the leading edge has penetrated. This is a significant technological improvement over earlier models.

The X26 law enforcement version current discharge lasts 5 seconds. The civilian X26C version provides 10 seconds of current, and the trigger on the X26C can be pulled twice more to create a 30-second cycle so they can set the CEW down and flee to a position of safety. Cycle times on both models may be interrupted by placing the safety lever in the "safe" position. Per second, the LE X26 delivers 19 pulses of electricity into the target. Since the X26C is capable of delivering a much longer cycle, these pulses range from 19 per second for the first 5 seconds, then drop down to 10 thereafter. If a TASER X26 is lost at a crime scene, a civilian non-professional can send a copy of the police report to the manufacturer to request a replacement which is subject to the manufacturer's policy at the time. If the subject is still connected to the wires, the trigger can be pulled a second or third time. The trigger can also be held continuously to provide uninterrupted current. The manufacturer warns not to exceed deployment of 15 seconds of continuous current. Additional information can be found in the Owners Manuals.

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