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TASER® is a trademark of the manufacturer Axon, formerly known as TASER International, Inc. After over 20 years in the electronic weaponry industry we now specialize in the TASER secondary sales and service market. We service and repair TASER X26 units for our customers that purchased them from us for a nominal fee. Others can also call to arrange to ship nonworking TASER X26 units to us. If reparable, we allow up to $200.00 credit towards a completely refurbished*** TASER X26 with a One Year Warranty*.

Call 702-617-3300 to order, or order from our secure Online Catalog. We accept all major credit cards. Instead of a credit card, select "Payment By Mail", and we will ship along with an invoice. We also accept orders and Purchase Orders by phone, and you can also contact us by email. Make checks payable to "Accredited Security" and mail to: 6017 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 73, Naples FL 34119-3956.

Government Law Enforcement Agencies can also order by phone with or without a Purchase Order number for 30 Day Terms. Please call 702-617-3300 to order. Government agencies can also order online by selecting "Payment by Mail" rather than the credit card option at AccreditedSafety™

We sell and ship to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. We ship only TASER Accessories to MA. We do not sell or ship to Canada or anywhere else outside the United States. There are restrictions in various states and metropolitan areas for civilians and off duty law enforcement officers. It is the buyer's responsibility to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state and federal laws.

We serve the law enforcement community and first responders with respect, admiration and thanks for their dedication and sacrifice.

"Providing the highest quality at the best price and always doing the 'right thing' for our customers is the philosophy we have lived by for over twenty years rewarding us with success and an enviable reputation in the industry."

– Jeff Wenger, President and CEO

Call 702-617-3300 Now to order by phone. Order Online 24 Hrs.