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TASER® X26 Compressed Air Cartridges

ITEM# 34220 - Yellow 15 Foot Cartridge - Low PRICE:

ITEM# 44200 - Silver 21 Foot Cartridge - Guaranteed Lowest PRICE:

ITEM# 44203 - Green 25 Foot XP Extra Penetration Cartridge - Guaranteed Lowest PRICE:

Free Shipping - on all orders over $100.00. One cartridge comes with your TASER® X26 order. Order extra cartridges in sets of two by clicking the link above. Single cartridges can be ordered by calling 702-617-3300 or by requesting that in the Special Instructions.

Cartridges are self-contained with compressed nitrogen, two barbed projectiles, two insulated wires and numerous confetti-like TAGS (tiny identification tags). Each TAG is imprinted with the cartridge serial number and is widely dispersed when fired. Each cartridge serial number is registered to the purchaser and reduces the likelihood it will ever be used illegally. Each cartridge fires only once.

The range is not determined by the weapon itself, but rather by the cartridge. Yellow-tipped 15-foot cartridges have the greatest spread, while law enforcement officers also have access to cartridges with ranges of 21′ (silver) and 25′ (green) in range. The Green 25 Foot XP Extra Penetration Cartridge has longer barbed projectiles for better penetration through thick clothing. TASER X26 Shaped Pulse™ take-down barrier penetration technology has the concentrated power to penetrate thick clothing, utilizing the much longer extra penetration projectiles of the Green 25 Foot Cartridge.

When ordering a TASER X26 enter your credit card information and click Continue. The Special Instructions window will appear. Type into that window your request for the type of Cartridge, Battery and Holster you prefer.

TASER® Compressed Air Cartridges Package Contents:
2 – TASER® Compressed Air Cartridges with 15, 21 or 25 Foot Range
For use with the AIR TASER, M26, M26C, M18, M18L, X26, X26C, X26E and X26P Advanced TASER® weapons.
Cartridges are self-contained with compressed gas, barbed projectiles, insulated wires and TAGS (tiny identification tags).
Each cartridge fires only once.

Spare cartridges can be attached to your TASER handgrip with the optional Secondary Cartridge Clip on the TASER M26 or with the XDPM Extended Digital Power Magazine on the TASER X26 for fast reloading.

50,000 Volts, 18-26 Watts and 133 MilliAmps of measured power depending on TASER Model is discharged into the subject with advanced EMD (Electro-Muscular Disruption) power pulses specifically timed to disrupt the human central nervous system.

Free Shipping – on all orders over $100.00.

Law Enforcement Professionals can type a request for 21 Foot Silver, or 25 Foot Green XP Extra Penetration Cartridges in the "Special Instructions" window which appears when you continue past the credit card section.

You can also order by phone by calling: 702-617-3300.

SAFARILAND® TASER X26 Spare Cartridge Case

Not sold separately

When ordering a TASER X26, and when available, the SAFARILAND® Spare Cartridge Case for the Duty Belt can be requested in either Plain Finish or Basketweave. Please request it only at the same time as your TASER X26 purchase and only if you have room on your duty belt, while supplies last. Other types of cartridge cases may be available from time to time, but will only be provided if available upon request at time of order.

Call 702-617-3300 Now to order by phone. Order Online 24 Hrs.