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Thank you for considering us as your vendor for TASER© sales and service which is and always has been our one and only business. As you may already know, hundreds of sheriffs and police chiefs love our service, quality and extremely low prices. We service the TASER X26 (AKA X26E) for our customers, and also sell the refurbished TASER X26 at the guaranteed lowest price. Completely refurbished to look like new, it's much less than half the price of any of the new models for sale today. Price includes a Yellow or Black X26 with the newest Version 24 Software and choice of the Standard DPM Battery or Extended XDPM Digital Power Magazine with Spare Cartridge Clip. It includes your choice of Yellow 15', Silver 21' or Green 25' XP Extra Penetration Cartridge. Also included is your choice of Blade-Tech™, Safariland™ or Blackhawk!™ SERPA Duty Holster. If you don't specify, it comes with New Standard DPM Battery, New Standard 15 Foot Cartridge, and New Right Hand Blackhawk!™ Holster. This is by far the most compact, lightweight, patrol officer proven, most widely deployed, time-tested, rugged and extraordinarily reliable weapon at a truly remarkable price. A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Comprehensive One-Year Warranty covers every Refurbished TASER X26, TASER X26P and TASER X2. Order online at AccreditedSafety™, our Safe and Secure SSL Server. Instead of a credit card, you can instead select "Payment By Mail". Then it will ship with an Invoice with 30-Day Terms. Call to request a quote or to order today.

Jeffrey R. Wenger (President and CEO)
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"Over 20 Years of Savings, Integrity and Commitment"

We provide the highest quality refurbished TASER X26 weapons at the very best price


  • Item# 26050 Black or Yellow Price: $599.00


Refurbished Law Enforcement Model

We sell the TASER X26E for only $599.00 with a full One Year Warranty, and also service the TASER X26E for our customers. Order online or call To Order.

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  • Item# 26701 Availability: In Stock


Extended Digital Power Magazine

The Standard DPM Digital Power Magazine comes with every TASER X26, or you can request the Extended XDPM with spare cartridge clip.

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  • Item# 34220 Yellow 15', Silver 21', Green 25': In Stock

TASER ® X26 Air Cartridges

Compressed Air Cartridges

One cartridge comes with your TASER® X26 order. Order extra Yellow 15 Foot, Silver 21 Foot and Green 25 Foot XP Extra Penetration Cartridges here.

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We provide the highest quality refurbished TASER X26 weapons at the very best price


Order Online

The X26 law enforcement model Refurbished TASER® fires from a safe distance of 15 feet away (or 21 or 25 feet for law enforcement) with ultimate take-down power as it overrides the central nervous system of the human body affecting both sensory and motor systems. Proven Electro Muscular Disruption (EMD) and Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) is exclusive with TASER®.*** Must be 18 years or older to purchase***.

  • Ships in 24-48 Hrs via Priority Mail™
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Comprehensive One-Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • 90 Day Replacement Warranty
  • One Year Repair or Replacement Warranty
  • Please call 702-617-3300 for instructions.

FedEx Standard Overnight™ shipping is available when ordered before 12 noon eastern. You must call to confirm your order was received in time. Purchase Orders are accepted for government LE agencies with a satisfactory D&B rating. Instead of a credit card, select "Payment by Mail" and your order will ship with an invoice.
Law enforcement identity verification and age verification and anti-felon identity information is collected for background checks prior to the time of shipping. Your TASER X26 will be registered to you and activated when you receive it. TASER® is a Trademark of the Manufacturer TASER International, Inc. Accredited Security does not offer a warranty on TASER CEWs through TASER International, Inc., nor is warranty on a purchased and refurbished TASER CEW offered or honored by TASER International, Inc. Accredited Security is not affiliated with Axon, the manufacturer.

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