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We buy the TASER X26 and other TASER models. Our TASER X26 Purchase Offer provides for the guaranteed highest price paid along with registration transfer, privacy protection and liability release. Accredited Security pays much more for the TASER X26 as an outright purchase than was ever offered as part of any TASER "Buy-Back" or trade-in allowance. Absolutely no one else consistently dedicates their entire business to this service, and no one else has our reputation, reliability, integrity and commitment.

Accredited Security purchases large quantities of surplus law enforcement TASER X26 CEWs from government law enforcement agencies throughout the United States through our TASER X26 Purchase Offer. Since 1995 Accredited has specialized in TASER sales and since 2013 has been universally recognized as paying the very highest price for used TASER X26 and other TASER models and has earned an excellent reputation with many police departments and sheriff's offices across the country for consistently doing so.

After twenty years as a TASER Dealer, Accredited Security now specializes primarily in the secondary market, and refurbishes units exclusively for resale under warranty only to U.S. law enforcement agencies, corrections institutions, peace officers, constables, deputies and other individual law enforcement officers, security officers and other licensed professionals as dictated by law. If desired, you can authorize your inventory to be designated for resale only to government law enforcement agencies and active duty law enforcement officers.

We provide a guaranteed purchase price to meet your schedule and time frame as your personnel transition to field implementation of your new models. Ship using the preferred shipping method of your choice, or we can provide you with pre-paid FedEx shipping labels. Payment is mailed to you within three business days of receipt for each shipment so you can ship any quantity you wish at your own pace to meet your training and transition needs. Please feel free to call us now at 702-617-3300 to discuss and arrange for future or immediate purchase of your TASER X26 units.

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Accredited Security is an Accredited Business Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2006 with a Consistently Superior Rating Better Business Bureau
20 Years of Reliability, Integrity and Commitment

TASER X26 Purchase Offer | Letter from the President

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